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Why Custom Software is a Must for Logistics and Transportation Companies

Logistics and transportation companies are seeking every opportunity to gain or secure their advantage in a highly competitive sector. The landscape is in a state of perpetual change, and both risks and opportunities abound. The most successful companies are those that have adopted a technology-forward approach to logistics management, but when everyone is leveraging the same advantage, it becomes critical for industry leaders to mint their own bargaining chips.

Custom software integrates with and augments proprietary supply chain processes while enabling logistics managers to put Big Data under a microscope. It adds security and efficiency, and most important, it gives you the leading edge. Here’s why custom software is a must for logistics and transportation companies.

To preempt information threats to supply chain security

Supply chains have always been at risk of attacks, but in the past, most threats were physical. Theft, piracy, and terrorist attacks were the industry’s primary hazards. New technologies that have been integrated into the supply chain to expedite and streamline processes have also created a new set of cyber risks. Custom software eliminates the vulnerabilities created by trusting less-than-secure third-party vendors and off-the-shelf data ecosystems.

To counter volatile markets and a diminishing bottom line

Rising fuel and labor costs and a highly competitive market have made profit margins for most logistics companies paper thin. Tailored supply chain analytics leads to improved supply chain transparency and enhanced supply chain management. Custom logistics software allows logistics managers to find and eliminate inefficiencies, optimize processes and systems, and make the most of operating expenses. Check out our case study on Relogistics and their success with a custom enterprise application designed to their needs.

To improve sustainability and drive business growth

As concerns about the environment grow more pressing, logistics companies are forced to make decisions related to environmental sustainability practices. Increasing awareness of the number of miles your fleets cover as well as the waste created during operations reduces your company’s carbon footprint while uncovering ways to optimize operations and extend the life expectancy of equipment. Custom software makes the whole supply chain more transparent, which keeps you in compliance with regulations and improves sustainability.

To gain a leading edge in a competitive sector

Competition in the logistics sector has been on the rise in the last decade, and experts predict the trend will continue over the next several years. Early adopters of emerging analytics capabilities will win the leading edge in this fight to gain ground. The best way to stay ahead of the technology curve is to create the curve, and custom software empowers logistics companies to push the edge farther ahead of rivals who are resistant to technology shifts.

Logistics companies that invest in custom software to address their challenges are leading their industry, and Antares is helping mint the bargaining chips that make it possible. Our experts develop software to the exact specifications of your company. Our digital tools increase security, create supply chain efficiencies, improve environmental sustainability, and empower you to stay well ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.