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How to Hire Us



Full Project Development
Dedicated Project Team

You have a software project and need an experienced team to make it happen? Then Antares is the software partner for you. Antares recognizes that your business is unique and personal, as are your individual software needs and goals. OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY IS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION THROUGH FREQUENT AND CONTINUOUS DELIVERY OF VALUABLE SOFTWARE.

Embedded Project Team

Sometimes you need extra help on a project to meet important deadlines and internal needs. Your staff is the subject matter expert. Antares is the software development expert READY TO ALIGN OUR TEAM WITH YOURS to achieve your software goals. We provide the team members you need such as Project Managers, Architects, Developers and QA Analysts and integrate them into your project team to work as one functioning unit.

We work with your Project Manager or Team Lead to implement the right development methodology – whether an agile approach or more traditional software development life cycle. WE CAN ADAPT TO YOUR NEEDS.

Staff Enhancement
On or Off Site

Finding the right resources - PROJECT MANAGERS, ARCHITECTS, DEVELOPERS & QA ANALYSTS can be tough; especially when you may need them for a specific project and not for as a long term employee. Antares can augment your staff with qualified and talented people to provide you the help you need for your software projects.

Our team can work onsite or offsite depending on the best fit for you. It’s important to note that while your dedicated Antares resource is working on your specific software development needs, they have the support and backing of our whole Antares team if you have questions or other software needs that may arise. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED.

Software IT Consulting

Antares can help you build a software roadmap from where you are to where you want to be. How do we do this? By asking you the right questions to plan for your future. Our consultants focus our Software Assessments around ways to optimize your applications and improve your Business Process Management. We can help determine better ways to implement Systems Integration allowing for more productivity and internal efficiencies. Strategic Staffing needs can be identified and solved through the right mix of internal and external resource needs designed around your business.