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Antares to Sponsor 2022 Louisiana IT Symposium

Nov 03, 2022

Antares is proud to be a returning sponsor of the Louisiana IT Symposium.  The Louisiana  IT Symposium is the region’s premier single-day event designed for the IT executive community. The Symposium provides the region’s IT executives an opportunity to gather for a day of networking, collaboration, and knowledge-transfer through

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What are Software Solutions in the age of Platforms and Portals?

Man working on custom software on digital device Apr 25, 2022

We’re surrounded by entrances and stages. The words portal and platform were borrowed from the architecture realm; they meant “window or gate,” and “raised, supported area.” Today, these terms are entrenched in the tech lexicon. Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook are not websites or apps; they call themselves

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How a custom system protects you from outside vulnerabilities

Sep 09, 2021

“We’ve been compromised.” Dreaded words. Fifteen years ago this phrase might have meant a virus or worm infiltrated the network. Today, it could be mission critical. In the case of Colonial Pipeline’s 2021 ransomware attack, one user’s VPN remote-access login credentials were stolen (from a defunct username, no less) and

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Using cloud automation to enhance legacy systems

Jun 09, 2021

There is consistent rumbling of skepticism about automation: the idea that using a line of code to replace tasks performed by humans is something to be feared. This is not a new phenomenon. Many advancements are met with resistance until market forces make them a foregone conclusion.

Fifty years ago,

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When outsourcing to an embedded team is preferable to adding staff

Apr 22, 2021

Programming help is highly sought after. The coronavirus-effect on the job market in 2020 brought losses in nearly every category, but not for software engineers. School, work, and aspects of everyday life came to rely on new technologies during the pandemic, and demand for software engineers has never been higher.

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Why Custom Software is a Must for Logistics and Transportation Companies

Oct 23, 2020

Logistics and transportation companies are seeking every opportunity to gain or secure their advantage in a highly competitive sector. The landscape is in a state of perpetual change, and both risks and opportunities abound. The most successful companies are those that have adopted a technology-forward approach to logistics management, but

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