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When outsourcing to an embedded team is preferable to adding staff

Programming help is highly sought after. The coronavirus-effect on the job market in 2020 brought losses in nearly every category, but not for software engineers. School, work, and aspects of everyday life came to rely on new technologies during the pandemic, and demand for software engineers has never been higher.

According to, the average base salary for a software developer in 2021 is $110K. These jobs include cash bonuses and competitive benefit packages with incentives like stock options and food budgets. For high-demand markets like California, the average base salary for a software engineer jumps to $136K with higher bonuses, paid commutes, and elite gym memberships. It’s a buyer’s market for job seekers with the right skill set.

Technology trends like cloud migration and no-code / low-code software make it increasingly possible for organizations to operate with fewer IT staff and less internal network infrastructure.  Even so, the job outlook for developers has never been brighter. The US Bureau of Labor anticipates that demand for software engineers will grow by 22% over the next ten years, making it one of the fastest growing occupations in the country.

Outsourcing versus adding staff

Each organization facing the challenge of upgrading their systems and staying current with technology ends up asking themselves some of the same questions. Would it be better to add personnel to take on our software development project? Or do factors suggest our best approach is to outsource?

For many organizations, outsourcing software development is more practical

Some IT departments are built explicitly for development. Current staff has the skill set, time, and knowledge for the project. They have experience building web-based applications, portals and dashboards in the past; the man-hours required to meet projected timelines will not pull them away from responsibilities essential to maintaining core business operations. These organizations have planned this approach; their people were hired for such undertakings.

Not all IT departments are built that way. Some have the knowledge and expertise, but adding a time-sensitive development project would pull focus away from tasks they already perform. Some firms won’t have an ongoing need after their project is completed; adding staff is unnecessary. In other cases, the competitive job market or the lack of skilled candidates in their geographical area make just finding the right person a time-consuming proposition. Urgency is often a factor.

For organizations faced with projects outside the scope of their current resources and staff, outsourcing to an experienced embedded team is the path to delivering the best solution in the shortest amount of time.

The Antares embedded-team approach to custom developing software

Antares takes a partner approach to working with clients. We carefully select a development team from our staff based on engineering requirements and the specific skills needed to see each project to fulfillment.

The embedded team approach to building software takes the best of both worlds: our team of developmental experts collaborates offsite or on-location with native staff that understands your systems. Company collaboration allows the Antares team to get up-close and personal with the workflow they are attempting to improve. The hands-on experience of the native team provides navigation and expertise to the embedded team of developers; the overall project benefits from working with staff that understands the culture and core business values.

We’ve spent 33 years assembling a strong team of passionate professionals with diverse skill sets; we have invested in the best talent available in the industry. Antares has a long-standing track record of delivering proven results and exceeding client expectations. We have taken the time to find the best developers so that you don’t have to.

To help you better determine the best approach for your software project, download our handy checklist below. Staying competitive and cost-effective in today’s economy is essential to survival. Updating company software can be a daunting undertaking. Let Antares help you achieve your software goals with efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us today.