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Technologies That Are Changing The Way Police Do Business

Government agencies on occasion struggle to move forward with the times, and law enforcement agencies are no exception. Officers and staff of agencies are often overworked and have little time left for learning new technologies. However, the adoption of modern tools can save law enforcement professionals time and make their jobs safer. Take a look at some of the cutting edge technologies that are streamlining services, creating more room in the budget, and improving response time.


According to a 2018 PoliceOne survey, police agencies use a wide variety of methods for tracking equipment, apparel, and supplies. Some rely on old-fashioned paper records while others use more sophisticated modern tools. A third of respondents to the survey reported they didn’t maintain “any record of repairs, maintenance or inspections to radios, weapons and IT equipment like laptops and tablets.” Inventory management is critical for meeting law enforcement budgets, and it’s also important to public safety. Automated inventory management software empowers agencies to easily manage equipment and maintain a centralized record of inventory.


CAD systems improve response and communication between dispatchers, responders, and the public when time is of the essence. These innovative systems have the capacity to automate emergency vehicle dispatching, incident reporting, and information management. Computer-aided dispatch software also facilitates accurate data collection and cooperation among multiple agencies.


Online document management systems increase efficiency and decrease paperwork for police forces across the nation. Many officers now have access to laptops or mobile web applications that make it possible to quickly file reports from the squad car. Traffic citations can be produced and shared electronically with violators and the police station in real time. Document sharing portals increase data security while improving the workflow and collaboration of diverse agencies.


In some cases, laptops are not practical in the field. A mobile web application can be run on officers’ tablets or smartphones, eliminating the need for a computer and making information and systems securely accessible to all. Mobile apps can be customized to meet the challenges of different agencies while also easing inter-agency collaboration. As needs change, mobile apps can be easily scaled to add unique features such as inventory management, crime mapping, and push notifications. Since most people are familiar with the functionality of smart phone apps, training officers to use mobile apps is as easy as picking up the phone.

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