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5 Signs Your Business Needs A Custom Software Solution

Companies will always go through highs and lows. You never want to make a hasty reaction when making a significant business decision, but you also have to be able to identify when something simply isn’t working. Many times, it’s a company’s software solutions that need to be upgraded. So how do you know if it’s time to consider software development outsourcing? Here are some signs to look for.

Your Business is Growing

It’s usually a good thing when your business outgrows itself. But it’s only a positive situation if proactive steps are taken to adapt to the growth. With custom business software solutions, your system is designed to keep up with the supply and demand and ensure your customers are getting the same high quality level of service no matter how large your business grows.

Moving to a Larger Location or Opening Multiple Locations

Increasing the size of your location or opening another location means you’ll have more data to store and manage. Not only do you need more storage space, but you also need to be able to view the data at all times as well as rely on that data to make informed decisions. Many out-of-the-box software solutions don’t offer this flexibility, so a custom software solution is generally the best choice.

Workflows Aren’t Efficient

Communication issues, disorganization, low efficiency and workflow breakdowns are all signs it may be time to contact a software solutions company. Of course, these situations can happen randomly at any time, but if there is a pattern to the lack of workflow efficiency, custom software may get the entire organization back on track with a tailored solution designed to improve your bottom line.

You’ve Hired More Employees

The more hands you have touching data and information, the more you will have to manage the information. A well developed software solution can help with employee onboarding and training of internal processes and procedures. Visibility is critical for a business owner, especially as new employees are brought on board. Increasing the number of employees is a good sign of growth, but it will only be positive if you have the right business software solutions in place to manage the growth.

Low Customer Satisfaction Rates

It’s impossible to completely satisfy every single customer 100% of the time, but there shouldn’t be a pattern of low customer satisfaction. This can put a serious damper on your efforts of staying on top of the competition. As you’re taking action to improve customer satisfaction, you may want to consider how custom software can help make your business more efficient and improve the customer’s experience. A custom solution may help you speed up service times, improve communication or eliminate human error. Whatever your needs may be, they can usually be addressed by a custom software solution.

Antares has 30 years of experience providing the right custom software solutions for companies of all sizes. We believe every business is unique and their software should be, too. To learn more about whether it’s time for you to upgrade to a custom solution, contact us today.

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