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Is Software Development Automation the way of the future?

Software Development Automation isn’t the way of the future. It’s the way of the past, the present, and the future. While there’s plenty of anxiety to go around about job loss to automation and the rise of robot overlords, humans have relied on automation to simplify and streamline processes since our earliest attempts at civilization. Water wheels, lathes, and music boxes were all inventions that automated particular human processes, and none rendered humans obsolete.

It’s inevitable that we’ll continue to improve and fine-tune automation, that more and more tasks will be mechanized and digitized. This doesn’t threaten the livelihood of humans. It improves our chances of success. It gives us more time to focus our skills and insights on the solutions that still can’t be outsourced to algorithms and robotic arms.

What is software development automation?

There are a good many tedious tasks that developers once had to carry out by hand, often numerous times for each build. Savvy software developers began to bypass these time-consuming aspects of development by deploying innovative technologies and methodologies that could complete repetitive tasks independently of human intervention.

What sorts of tasks do software developers automate?

Automation is possible whenever the developer can clearly and precisely define the parameters of the tasks and the project at hand. Some of the most common uses of automation include:

  • Setting up servers and environments
  • Quality assurance, compilation and testing
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • System deployments
  • Code quality checks

What are the advantages of software development automation?

Limit human error

The most common human errors result from carelessness, and carelessness increases when a task is monotonous. Humans can become lackadaisical or forgetful, or our eyes go blurry from staring at a screen too long. Automating tasks with clear parameters and requirements eliminates human error where it’s most likely to show up, in those redundant processes that don’t necessarily require our full attention.

Improve productivity of human resources

Automation of redundant processes liberates developers’ time and energy for addressing complex challenges and opportunities. They can put their expertise and ingenuity towards designing elegant solutions for more intricate problems. These are precisely the brainteasers that automation cannot eliminate.

Deploy faster

With time-consuming tasks fully automated, developers are free to focus their efforts on potential pitfalls and continuous improvements. The development process becomes more agile, and products can be brought to market faster without sacrificing quality.

Antares Technology Solutions combines cutting edge automation with human ingenuity.

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