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How effective shale oil operations use data to address industry challenges

While shale assets are proving profitable for the oil and gas industry, horizontal drilling and fracturing still pose sizable and unique challenges. Fortunately, technologies like data mining, prescriptive analytics, and AI modeling give savvy companies a competitive advantage when addressing the most common industry problems.

Pipeline bottlenecks

A persistent problem for the oil and gas industry, in particular for producers of shale oil through fracturing, is pipeline bottlenecks. While the quality of the sweet crude being produced in shale areas like Marcellus and the Permian Basin cause a boom in demand, the remote, sprawling locations of the sites puts severe restrictions on takeaway capacity. Drilling down into logistics data equips stakeholders with early warning signs of potential bottlenecks while AI-driven prescriptive analytics suggest strategies for avoiding or overcoming these bottlenecks.

Rising labor and material costs

The most effective oil and gas operations use data related to employees, production demands, and assets to make more efficient use of human and material resources. Prescriptive scheduling, prescriptive maintenance, and other data-informed automations eliminate waste and encourage lean operational procedures that offset capital costs.

Environmental concerns

The oil shale industry is plagued by concerns around contamination and depletion of water sources, pollution, and other environmental strains, but improved data analytics can also mitigate these potential threats. First and foremost, better data reporting improves the efficiency of drilling and fracking operations. It also makes pipelines more secure and provides insights into potential failures, allowing operators to be more proactive in heading off disasters. Through custom analytics, producers can make more efficient use of public resources, like water, and reduce the risk of pollution.

Thin profit margins

With rich and diverse data mines at their disposal, oil and gas companies can secure the best locations for drilling and determine the best practices for improving production to reduce costs and increase profits. Information from well logs, seismic reports, fiber optic sensors and field notes can be compiled, integrated, and analyzed to reveal critical insights and suggest advantageous strategies for improving outcomes.

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