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5 Signs Your Business Is Outgrowing Your Technology

Congratulations! Your business is growing and evolving. You’ve developed strategic processes and streamlined operations. You’ve broadened your customer base and increased your revenue. But is your business technology keeping up with your rapid expansion?

To stay at the top of your game, your technology solutions need to be as flexible and robust as your business team. If you’re experiencing bottlenecks, it’s time to modernize your technology to accommodate your growth.

Productivity bottlenecks

When productivity is in decline, it’s time to take a look at your existing technology. Most personnel in modern businesses rely heavily on technology to get their jobs done. When the existing tools are no longer sufficient, your company will begin to experience productivity bottlenecks. This is an opportunity to have a sit down with your most efficient and ambitious employees and let them tell you where they’re getting bogged down by legacy software.

Information bottlenecks

Modern businesses are data-driven, and instant access to information is critical to success across every department, from marketing to product development to accounting. Inadequate and outdated technology can create information bottlenecks through various failures, including obsolete sharing functions and confusing data duplications. If information is not flowing freely within your established data infrastructure, it has the potential to exacerbate productivity issues and bring your business to a grinding halt.

Process bottlenecks

An outdated technological infrastructure makes it difficult to adjust and refine processes as your business evolves. When a minor modification to a database or monthly report sends your IT scrambling to come up with break-fixes, it may be an indicator that your legacy technology isn’t adequate for your developing processes. Consult with your resident tech expert and your staff to identify changes that are being avoided due to fear of system breakdowns. That’s where you’ll find your process bottlenecks.

Communication bottlenecks

Modern businesses rely heavily on collaboration to ensure clear communication, expedient processes, and accurate data transfer. Legacy systems are often woefully inadequate when it comes to modern collaborative functions, and commercial apps don’t necessarily meet the unique needs of larger, more specialized enterprises. Simplifying collaboration through modern technology solutions improves productivity and eliminates costly redundancies.

Innovation bottlenecks

As your business grows, you run up against challenges that you never imagined before. Over-reliance on legacy systems can make adapting to rapid, unanticipated changes nearly impossible. Even a modest transition – like making your business platform available to employees on their mobile phones – can be overwhelming when you’re adjusting from antiquated legacy software. Your technology solutions need to keep pace with your business growth and with the changing market landscape where you operate.

Antares helps businesses grow their technology.

We have over thirty years of experience helping businesses evolve by creating custom software solutions designed to grow and scale with your business. We begin with a complimentary business mapping session that gives us a clear picture of where your business is coming from and where you’re headed. We assess your existing software, analyze your processes, and identify your goals in order to create the most labor-saving, cost-efficient technology solution for your unique needs.

Invest in technology that gives your company room to grow. Get in touch with the innovative team at Antares today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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