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What are Software Solutions in the age of Platforms and Portals?

We’re surrounded by entrances and stages. The words portal and platform were borrowed from the architecture realm; they meant “window or gate,” and “raised, supported area.” Today, these terms are entrenched in the tech lexicon. Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook are not websites or apps; they call themselves social media platforms. Our workplaces are a network of portals: you gain access with your remote login and interact with Human Resources through the employee self-service portal.

At Antares, we work with clients across a wide variety of industries to build the software that helps them achieve their institutional goals. For a government entity, this might mean processing documents through an internal workflow. For small businesses, their software needs might be to create a sleek customer centric site that helps clients access important purchasing and shipment information to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Whether internal or customer-facing, our clients realize some of the same benefits when they work with Antares to build a portal or web-based application that improves their operation. Some of the advantages to custom-built solutions are:

Custom Software Empowers Users

Americans are accustomed to immediacy and convenience. Grocery shopping, help-lines, and jump-drives have been replaced with curbside pickup, chat-help, and cloud-based file sharing. Custom-designed software allows the user to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion and at a single point of access. Customer-facing portals allow your clients to make purchases, self-service their account, and update their shipping preferences. Internal business software allows employees to work with efficiency and track their progress.

More Data with Increased Reliability

When Antares designs software for our clients, we build safeguards into the background of each system. Human errors like miscalculations, missed fields, and data entry errors are caught in the act and corrected in real time. And the data isn’t just more accurate than the systems of yesterday; the data sets are exponentially larger. The age of automation and algorithms have opened the floodgates; using statistical analysis to see trends and make informed business decisions has never been available in such abundance.

Streamlined Processes

Unleashing the power of automation increases efficiency. For internal systems, billing becomes simplified, training new employees is less burdensome, and office workflows operate without conscious effort. With less time invested in navigating the system, focus shifts towards realizing operational goals or the next stage of growth. For customer-facing systems, an efficient portal is seen as user-friendly and worth coming back to. Happy customers are repeat customers, and satisfied employees stick around as well.


With over 30 years in the industry, Antares takes pride in ensuring our clients are protected with uninterrupted access. Today, most of our clients use cloud hosted software through Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, chosen in part for their blue-chip security ratings. Our team stays informed on the latest security trends and breakthroughs to ensure that your data is safe and accessible to you. We’ll continue monitoring best practices in data and system security so that you can stay focused on your everyday operations and institutional goals.

See why Antares is an industry-leader in building personalized solutions.

Portals and platforms are still architectural terms, but what we build at Antares is not brick, mortar, and glass. We build custom-designed software solutions that are personalized to your operational needs the way that out-of-the-box-solutions simply are not. Click here to read one of our customer success stories who said their custom built software was “A huge win for us and our customers.”

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