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How Proprietary Software Drives Company Growth

Proprietary software offers a number of advantages to companies at every stage of growth – from startups to established enterprises. A custom-designed program makes your company’s strengths more notable and sets you apart from the competition.  It has the potential to enhance processes and streamline data sharing. Altogether, the benefits created by proprietary software increase revenue and drive company growth.

Enhance your unique market offering and limit competition

Your company’s success depends on providing consumers with a valuable and unique market offering, but what counts as value is continually evolving. Furthermore, your most unique value can be usurped if it’s not protected. While SAAS and open source software level the playing field for startups, it diminishes the competitive advantage.

Once you’ve identified a gap in your market and found a way to fill it, developing end-to-end proprietary software allows you to refine your offering and build on your strengths. When the entire development process is in your control, you can continually respond to changes in the market and build customer loyalty through tailored technology solutions and enhancements. Your entire process is protected, giving you a distinct advantage over incumbents and competitors.

Improve productivity

Companies that rely on off-the-shelf software may cut costs at the outset, but the need to tweak software to make it fit with existing processes can be expensive. If, instead, businesses change their processes to fit off-the-shelf software, the productivity costs can be significant.

When a company invests in proprietary software, they’re able to create a solution tailored to their existing processes. Often, the very act of developing custom software provides an opportunity to improve and streamline processes. Automation can be included to eliminate repetitive or redundant tasks, and coordination of data further improves productivity, saving time and labor.

Proprietary software boosts revenue

Building customer loyalty improves a company’s profitability, and streamlining processes reduces costs. That makes proprietary software a natural solution for companies that want to boost their revenue. A company that uses specially designed software to continually respond to the needs of customers builds a recurring source of income, and a happy return customer is less expensive than continually cycling in new customers. However, an expedited internal workflow can make it easier and cheaper to onboard new customers, capitalizing on new profit sources. Furthermore, by limiting the competition’s ability to compete, you’re able to grab more of the total market.

Antares provides custom software solutions for growing companies

From mobile and web-based applications to portals and business intelligence tools, at Antares, we build software solutions that help companies grow. Our software is built to meet the specific needs of your business, giving you a distinct advantage over competitors relying on off-the-shelf solutions. We thoroughly discuss and explore your business challenges and deliver applications that can grow and change as your company evolves. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.