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Client Spotlight – Delta Fuel Automation Software

Antares developed a custom software solution for Delta Fuel to collect meter readings out in the field for their customers.  Headquartered in Louisiana, Delta Fuel currently places at each client site a unit similar in size to a shipping container that has been customized with an office setup including a PC, a high-performance protocol converter/Data Logger, a number of hoses and a diesel tank which is hooked up to a fracking engine.

The Automation Software captures data locally from the flow meter and then copies the information to their cloud repository.  Some of the data points collected include:

  • Flow readings from the meter
  • Aggregate volume of fuel through the meter
  • Tank levels

Delta Fuel’s new Automation Software will allow them to provide better monitoring and data analytics for their customers.  The cloud-based data repository will also enable them to provide customized reporting.  Antares also provides hosting for the database and web services as well as software maintenance and support.

About Delta Fuel – Delta Fuel Company, Inc. is a multi-functional organization supplying bulk fuel, lubricants and supplies to regions in the Southeast U.S. to across the United States. They are known for unsurpassed dependability and proven record of reliability combined with superior quality allowing them to become one of the most noticed suppliers on the map! They continuously improve their services and product line to supply their customers with state of the art solutions for their practical objectives. Delta Fuel provides gas, diesel, ethanol, bio-diesel, propane and lubricants to a variety of industries including Agriculture, Aviation, Construction, Trucking and even Marine.  They are extremely proud of our 49+ years of service and their diverse customer base.  Click here to learn more about Delta Fuel.