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How Custom Software Secures Patient Data For Healthcare Professionals

man at computer Mar 31, 2020

The digitization of healthcare offers abundant rewards for providers and patients alike. Improved transparency, greater convenience, and more precise, AI-driven diagnostics all promise to transform the way we experience healthcare. However, all of the improvements in the industry rely on the collection of vast amounts of personal data from patients,

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How you can scale your business growth with custom software

Dec 19, 2019

“Off the shelf” software offers an affordable solution for emerging businesses trying to keep technology costs low. However, as businesses mature and expand, commercial software can inhibit operational efficiency, limit growth, and pose a risk to institutional security. If you’re scaling your business, custom software increases flexibility and control while

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Ethics and Privacy in the Digital Age

Dec 03, 2019

The speed of technological evolution has led to some sensitive ethical quandaries related to privacy in recent years. Governments are only now beginning to address the gray areas created by digital data collection and handling through new laws such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California

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How Government Agencies Benefit from a Legacy Software Upgrade

Sep 03, 2019

A 2016 report by the United States Government Accountability Office showed that technical debt has taken a serious toll on government agencies. Outdated legacy systems create security vulnerabilities, contribute to operational inefficiencies, and hinder the responsiveness of agencies to their clients. While an upgrade from a decades-old system does require

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How Technology is Helping Logistics Managers Overcome Their Biggest Challenges

Jul 16, 2019

Logistics managers face a host of challenges that can eat away at efficiency and diminish returns. In order to overcome the most costly and complex obstacles to optimal operations, high-performing logistics companies rely on emerging software, predictive analytics, and augmented intelligence.

Complex Regulatory Compliance Issues

Transportation and logistics regulations can

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