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How Technology is Helping Logistics Managers Overcome Their Biggest Challenges

Jul 16, 2019

Logistics managers face a host of challenges that can eat away at efficiency and diminish returns. In order to overcome the most costly and complex obstacles to optimal operations, high-performing logistics companies rely on emerging software, predictive analytics, and augmented intelligence.

Complex Regulatory Compliance Issues

Transportation and logistics regulations can

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Protecting Your Data and Technology in the Midst of a Natural Disaster

Jul 03, 2019

Modern businesses face a growing number of existential threats, from large scale natural disasters like hurricanes and inland flooding to human-created hazards like catastrophic IT failures. According to FEMA, on average half of all small businesses struck by a disaster never recover. The costs and losses prove too much. However,

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AI is everywhere. What does it mean for the average business owner?

Jun 17, 2019

In 2017, the research firm Gartner predicted 2018 would mark the dawn of a “democratization of AI.” The company’s prognosis for 2019 points to the disruption of industries and the adoption of new business models. While some forecasters warn of future job losses and other unintended consequences of AI adoption,

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Data Analytics Is Fueling Change in the Oil and Gas Sector

Apr 29, 2019

Companies in the oil and gas industry operate on a paper-thin profit margin, and the struggle has only increased in recent years. Advanced data analytics, however, is creating new opportunities in the industry to reduce costs, improve returns, and mitigate risks.

Improving accuracy in exploration and drilling

With the advent

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Technologies That Are Changing The Way Police Do Business

Apr 05, 2019

Government agencies on occasion struggle to move forward with the times, and law enforcement agencies are no exception. Officers and staff of agencies are often overworked and have little time left for learning new technologies. However, the adoption of modern tools can save law enforcement professionals time and make their

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Where Did All The Humans Go? The Automation of Data Insights

Mar 14, 2019

The origin of the term Big Data is as perplexing as the phenomenon it describes. In his attempt to track down its etymology, New York Times journalist Steve Lohr searched through databases of digitally-stockpiled emails, documents, presentations and lectures shared among economists and technologists and librarians. In other words, it

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