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How effective shale oil operations use data to address industry challenges

Aug 03, 2020

While shale assets are proving profitable for the oil and gas industry, horizontal drilling and fracturing still pose sizable and unique challenges. Fortunately, technologies like data mining, prescriptive analytics, and AI modeling give savvy companies a competitive advantage when addressing the most common industry problems.

Pipeline bottlenecks

A persistent problem

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Is Software Development Automation the way of the future?

Jun 05, 2020

Is Software Development Automation the way of the future?

Software Development Automation isn’t the way of the future. It’s the way of the past, the present, and the future. While there’s plenty of anxiety to go around about job loss to automation and the rise of robot overlords, humans have

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Innovative Ideas for Funding Small Government Modernization

May 13, 2020

In government offices across the nation, antiquated legacy systems create embarrassing errors and potentially hazardous security breaches. The effort to maintain outdated software creates an expensive burden on overtaxed government IT departments. For most agencies, the question is not whether to modernize IT systems but how to go about it.

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How Custom Software Secures Patient Data For Healthcare Professionals

man at computer Mar 31, 2020

The digitization of healthcare offers abundant rewards for providers and patients alike. Improved transparency, greater convenience, and more precise, AI-driven diagnostics all promise to transform the way we experience healthcare. However, all of the improvements in the industry rely on the collection of vast amounts of personal data from patients,

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How you can scale your business growth with custom software

Dec 19, 2019

“Off the shelf” software offers an affordable solution for emerging businesses trying to keep technology costs low. However, as businesses mature and expand, commercial software can inhibit operational efficiency, limit growth, and pose a risk to institutional security. If you’re scaling your business, custom software increases flexibility and control while

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